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For the last 19 years we offer many home and commercial services including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and flood restoration services.


Clever Cleaning Melbourne Services

Clever Cleaning Melbourne has 19 years of experience in home cleaning as well as commercial cleaning. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality cleaning services. These services are performed by highly trained professionals who use the latest cleaning techniques and methods. Our experienced and professional team uses advanced equipment as well as environment-friendly and hundred percent bio-degradable cleaning methods.

The cleaning products that our team uses are completely safe for your family, your appliances and the environment as well. We consider our clients as the first priority, that is why we always try to treat our customers with respect. We have dedicated teams of professionals who provide all types of cleaning services including carpet steam cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning, and tile as well as grout cleaning, end of lease cleaning, window, and oven cleaning as well as ducted heating cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

We, at Clever Cleaning Melbourne, give the best standards of carpet steam cleaning. This type of steam cleaning cleans the dirt, stains, grit, and sand from the carpets. We use a special steam cleaning system for the purpose of removing the deep-down dirt of the carpet which damages its fibers. We use top-quality chemicals, tools, and pre-spray detergents that ensure safe and effective steam cleaning even on wool carpets and Persian rugs. We have the best team that tries to follow carpet cleaning procedures for the residential, industrial as well as corporate sectors.

The cleaning process involves certain steps that should be followed for deep cleaning. The first step is pre-spraying which helps in breaking the long as well as hard accumulated dirt or sand from the carpet. The next step is scrubbing in which the carpet is washed with shampoo using powerful machines. Carpet cleaning also involves rinsing as well as water extraction with plain water which helps in removing the stains and deep down dirt from the carpet. In addition to that, the process of carpet deodorizing and sanitizing is also applied to provide fresh and odor-free rooms. It takes around 4-6 hours for the carpet to dry but you can walk on it straight ahead after the steam cleaning is finished with clean shoes or slippers.

The best part about steam cleaning is that it removes approximately 93% of bacteria that flourish in carpets and upholstery. For cleaning your carpets, you can do regular carpet vacuuming but the problem with carpet vacuuming is that it does not ensure the good health of your carpet in the long term. Therefore, taking the deep carpet steam cleaning services after every six months is the right choice for you!

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

To provide upholstery cleaning services, the professionals at Clever Cleaning Melbourne use a process known as hot water extraction. This process is used for couch cleaning, sofa cleaning, dining chair cleaning, mattress cleaning, and curtain cleaning. People often call this process steam cleaning. This is because this cleaning method helps in removing the dirt as well as stains from your upholstery using the steam, without leaving behind any residue in the upholstery. We also provide upholstery steam cleaning for the apartments in which the steam cleaning is done in multiple units in a short period of time. Have a plan with your neighbors to have upholstery cleaning or any other cleaning services we provide to be cleaned the same day so that you can get a bulk discount.

For upholstery steam cleaning, we adopt the following procedures:

Upholstery cleaning according to the customer requirements to achieve the desired results
Environment-friendly cleaning solution for the purpose of removing dirt and allergens from upholstery
Vacuum as well as hand cleaning to remove dust and pet hair
Sanitizing service to get fresh and odor-free furniture
Spray protection system to remove spills and stains from fabric and upholstery
The upholstery dries within three to four hours

Our technically trained professional team is committed to meet or exceed the client’s expectations. We always try to work hard to generate positive feedback from our residential as well as commercial customers. So, if you want bright as well as odor-free carpets in your home, office, or commercial building, do not hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

As time passes, the surface of the tiles loses the shine and luster on them. For the deep cleaning of the tiles, only scrubbing and mopping do not give the desired results as they do not remove the embedded dirt but the dirt that rests on the surface of the tiles. Clever Cleaning Melbourne can give you the desired results of tile and grout cleaning by using a special high-pressure tool along with the appropriate chemical for any certain type of tiles including ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stones such as Marble, Limestone, Quartzite, Basalt, or Travertine. Our professionals use these methods and products to make the tiles and grout stay clean for 2-5 years depending on the use and traffic. Ceramic and porcelain tiles mostly cannot be sealed but you can have porous tiles and natural tiles sealed for a long period of cleanness.

To provide tile cleaning services, we:

Use high-quality and the most appropriate chemical that suits your needs

Use no splash and high-pressure cleaning tool

Provide tile and grout sealing services to protect them

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

If you want to move out the next day and you are stressed about the state of your rental property, then no need to worry. We are here to help you by offering an affordable and reasonable end-of-lease cleaning service that will definitely keep your landlord happy. You can get these services for a single room or for your entire place. Moreover, you can get these cleaning services for just the entry and exit ways as well.

The professional team provides various cleaning services in move-out cleaning which you can choose on a per-room basis. These include:

Carpet steam cleaning
Mirror cleaning
Window cleaning
Door cleaning
Cleaning of stainless steel surfaces
Wall cleaning
Floor cleaning
Cupboard cleaning
Oven cleaning as well as stove-top cleaning
Bathroom cleaning
Cleaning and polishing of taps
Cleaning of power points as well as switches

Always keep in mind that bond cleaning is very important. Therefore, it is better to leave it in the hands of some experienced team. While packing your valuables and finalizing as well as paying your bills, if you start worrying about the vacate cleaning, then this is considered to be the furthest thing from your mind. Sometimes, you are very confident that you can do the entire cleaning yourself. But the fact is there are always last-minute things as well as spaces that you miss due to lack of time. So, to avoid this stressful situation, we are here to take care of it and free up your time so that you can get enough time to focus on your future home!

If you would like to have a regular cleaning for your place let us know to get a regular cleaning price.

Carpet and Upholstery Stain Treatment

The professional team at Clever Cleaning Melbourne specializes in providing stain removal services for carpets as well as upholstery using various methods. In the stain treatment service, we remove the soil and dirt from the carpets as well as upholstery and use a variety of green methods. We have appropriate chemicals for wine stain, coffee stain, tea stain, vomit stain, pet stain, and urine stain treatment. Those are considered as hard stains and time is important which you should have them cleaned as soon as possible otherwise the stain may become permanent after a certain time. We also make use of hot water extraction for the deep cleaning of upholstery and carpets. We provide our services for residential homes as well as for commercial premises.

So, if you want to make your carpets and upholstery fresh and clean from stains, then contact us because it offers the right carpet and upholstery cleaning service for you.

Flood Restoration Melbourne

Clever Cleaning Melbourne offers you flood restoration services if your carpets have become partly wet or completely flooded with the disaster. Our professional team is dedicated to providing flood restoration and water damage services as soon as possible because we know that flooded carpets and floors usually lead to ruin your valuable floor furnishings. Keep in mind that, big areas of flood damage have to be dehumidified with dehumidifiers to make sure your home or office doesn’t get damaged in a long period of time.

At first, when we receive your call, we send our technician to your house depending on the size of the damage done to your house. Our professionals will provide you with various options so that you will be able to restore your premises. After that, the team will work to extract the floodwater from the premises as much as possible. If there is an underlay beneath the carpet, then our technicians will remove that water-damaged underlay. They will also do the anti-browning as well as anti-bacterial treatment to your flood-damaged carpets. After removing the water, the process of drying the carpet is done with the help of commercial dryers. Moreover, to remove excessive dampness, commercial dehumidifiers are also used. To make the carpet stain-free and clean, the steam cleaning and browning chemical spraying process are applied after the carpet drying process.

Window Cleaning Melbourne

We do window cleaning for up to 3 storey houses and offices. We often see that most of the homeowners do not clean windows because they are of the view that quality, as well as perfect window cleaning, is often hard to do, time-consuming and dangerous as well. That is why they try to use some simple and common techniques to clean the windows. These tricks and techniques include the use of vinegar, water, ammonia, or cleaning with a cloth or a newspaper. We use equipment that converts the water to 100% purified water to make your windows dirt and dust-free. We know very well that how valuable and important your time is. For this purpose, our dedicated team is providing the services of window cleaning to make your life much easier. It uses a four-step cleaning process to clean your windows. These include:

Thorough cleaning

The technically trained professional team at Clever Cleaning Melbourne is committed to clean:

Sky Lights
Solar Panels

If you want your house to look beautiful by cleaning the windows and want to remove the stains from your windows, then just call us as we provide window cleaning services for residential homes, commercial areas, industrial premises, apartments, hotels, shops, restaurants as well as educational institutions. We provide the services of cleaning your internal windows and external windows. Our specialists can clean all the windows of your house or some specific windows that you wish to have cleaned. We also clean the windows that are really hard to reach. This is the perfect choice for you if you want the windows at the front of your home or store to be cleaned after a month. In addition to that, if you want the windows of your office as well as a kitchen to be cleaned in a proper way, then contact us to get this job done professionally, safely as well as to your satisfaction. Please ask our technician for a regular window cleaning service to get a discount. To clean your windows only from the outside ( must be accessible), you don’t even have to be there!

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